Plastic wrap RSPB

Well done RSPB!

Back in January my RSPB magazine arrived on my doormat. It was wrapped in plastic as so many magazines are nowadays. I have to admit I didn’t really give that a second thought. Then I started to read the said magazine and came across an article on seabirds. Basically the short article (which you can just about make out in the image above), showed a range of plastic that was present in gull pellets. The concluding sentence of the article is repeated here:

“The lesson for bird-lovers is: Reduce, Re-use, Recyle. Why not take the plastic challenge and reduce or recycle all your single-use plastic for a month?”

I thought RSPB should lead by example and so sent the following Tweet:

Original RSPB Plastic TweetA healthy Twitter discussion ensued which highlighted the complexity of what plastic is recyclable or not. To my surprise, the Tweet got re-tweeted more than 500 times! Concern about plastic use is growing. We all have to rise to RSPB’s challenge above.

So today it was great to be tagged on the following Tweet from RSPB….


RSPB Tweet 13April2018

The new wrapper is made from good old spuds which can be composted or disposed of with food waste. What an example, although the resulting potato puns leave a lot to be desired! RSPB will be joining BTO and Buglife in not using plastic wrap for their magazines. Let’s hope others will follow. I wonder if the British Potato Trade Association uses spud wrapper for their magazines!?


(Thanks to Jon Carter @joncbirder on Twitter for making the comment ‘Tattie bye to plastic!’ which I have used for the title of this short blog).