Yesterday saw the banning of the use of lead ammunition for hunting in the state of California. We know that lead is toxic and (in the US & UK) it has been essentially banned in petrol, paint, water-pipes and fishing weights (in the UK) – well done anglers. The last largely unregulated use of lead ammunition is in the shooting industry, and approximately 5100 tonnes of lead is added to the UK environment each year through the use of lead shot.

In the state of California, the use of lead ammunition has long been a significant problem for the Critically Endangered California Condor, and yesterday saw the introduction of a ban that will have a positive benefits for the species.

Well done California.

You can read more about the ban in California here

Further information on the Get The Lead out campaign here

And for the UK context check out the website of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) here


Photo credit: image by Tim Huntington, courtesy of the Ventana Wildlife Society taken from the above KQED article (here)