It has now been 95 days since I first asked Sainsbury’s about the presence of toxic lead ammunition in some of the game meat products they sell to their customers, see here, here, here and here. My last email to Sainsbury’s was sent on the 12th February and I’ve had no reply, so I’ll send another one today. That will be at least my 12th email (all cc’d to the CEO). I’ve also sent two letters to the CEO, Simon Roberts, which have never received a response.

As Sainsbury’s have largely ignored customer enquiries about the issue of toxic lead ammunition in some of the game meat products they are selling, Wild Justice recently announced that they were planning on doing some testing for them. The results should be interesting, especially if the results of a separate study by SHOT-SWITCH are anything to go by. The SHOT-SWITCH project dissected carcasses of wild-shot common pheasants offered for human consumption between 1st October 2020 and 1st February 2021 to recover shotgun pellets. The results showed that 99% of the 180 pheasants from which shotgun pellets were recovered had been killed using lead shotgun ammunition. The research paper is freely available and is well worth a read. One of Sainsbury’s standard responses over the last 95 days has been ‘Lead shot is being phased out, but is still in use, however HFV (Holme Farm Venison) products only select from meat that has no shot in it.



Photo credit: Header image by Dr Ruth Tingay