I’m available to give talks to wildlife groups, bird clubs and conferences for a small fee and travel expenses. Please contact me to discuss your requirements at info@rdsconservation.co.uk

I’m happy to give talks via Zoom and often at short notice.

Examples of talks include the following:

  • The conservation of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing.
  • Birds of the Middle East, The Caucasus and Central Asia.
  • Lead ammunition and wildlife conservation.
  • Conservation of globally threatened birds.
  • Bird conservation and birding in Bangladesh.
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Up Coming Talks

  • Birdwatching and Wildlife Club, The Grant Arms. 13th October, 2022. Talk on “Saving Vultures from Extinction.” Further details here.
  • SE Herts RSPB Local Group, 25th October, 2022. Talk on “Conservation of Globally Threatened birds.” Further details tbc
  • NE London RSPB Local Group, 8th November, 2022. Talk on “Conservation of Globally Threatened birds.” Further details tbc.
  • Gravesend RSPB Local Group, 22nd November, 2022. Talk on “The Conservation of the Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwing.” Further details tbc
  • Woodbridge RSPB Local Group, 1st December, 2022. “Birds of Saudi Arabia.” Further details tbc.
  • Maidstone RSPB Local Group, 21st September, 2023. Talk on “Birding the Batumi bottleneck and Georgia.” Details tbc.
  • Huntingdonshire RSPB Local Group, 27th September, 2023. Talk on “Bird Conservation and Birding in Bangladesh.” Details tbc.
  • Stort Valley RSPB Local Group, 10th October, 2023. Talk on “Conservation of Globally Threatened birds.” Details tbc.
  • Bromley RSPB Local Group, 11th October, 2023. Talk on “Birding in Kazakhstan.” Details tbc.
  • East Grinstead RSPB Local Group, 25th October, 2023. Talk on “Conservation of Globally Threatened birds.” Details tbc.