Vultures, and specifically those considered as Old World Vultures (Asian, African and European), are amongst the most threatened groups of birds in the world. There are 16 species of Old World Vultures of which 11 are at a high risk of extinction (8 are categorised as Critically Endangered and 3 are Endangered). Without urgent conservation action, it is likely that many of these species will be extinct in our lifetimes.

Vulture table

As part of a range of activities linked to International Vulture Awareness Day, 10 research papers that have been published in Bird Conservation International are being made open access for the month. These papers are well worth a read if you are interested in learning more about the science of vultures and their conservation.

The 10 papers can be viewed here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/bird-conservation-international/international-vulture-awareness-day-2019